Terms of sale

L’Acquirente dichiara espressamente di compiere l’acquisto per fini estranei alla attività commerciale o professionale esercitata.

Terms of sale

L’Acquirente dichiara espressamente di compiere l’acquisto per fini estranei alla attività commerciale o professionale esercitata.

The Purchaser explicitly declares that the purpose of purchase is different from their commercial or professional activity.

These terms of sale apply exclusively between Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. S.r.l., based in Pontelandolfo (Benevento), address: Via Falcone e Borsellino, 34/36 REA BN-128968, thereinafter referred to as ‘The Seller’ and any person that purchases products online on the web site: www.liquorechromel.it, hereinafter referred to as ‘Client’.

These terms regulate the purchases made on the web site www.liquorechromel.com, in agreement with the provisions of Part III, Title III, Item I, of the Code of Consumption, Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, as amended by the Legislative Decree no. 21/2014 and by the Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 dealing with e-commerce.

With these general conditions, the Seller sells and the Client purchases at a distance material goods indicated and put on sale on the site www.liquorechromel.com.

The contract is made exclusively on the Internet, by accessing the site www.liquorechromel.com and by placing a purchase order according to the procedure described in the web site.

The CONSUMER Client (i.e., the natural person who purchases the goods with aims that are not connected to his/her professional activity), commits himself/herself to view the general terms of sale before confirming the order.

Once the online purchase procedure is completed, the Client shall print or save a soft copy or otherwise keep these general terms of sale, in agreement with the provisions of articles 50 of the Legislative Decree 206/05, as amended.

Any request of the Client in relation to damages or compensation is ruled out, as well as any responsibility of contractual or non-contractual nature for direct or indirect damages to people and/things, caused by the failure to accept an order or by the partial acceptance of an order.


The Client can only purchase products included in the electronic catalogue of the www.liquorechromel.it website when the order is submitted, as described in the information sheets. The Client can obtain information about the Seller at any time, e.g. address, telephone and fax number, email address, before making the agreement. Information include the following:

Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. s.r.l.
Via Falcone e Borsellino, 34/26
82027 Pontelandolfo (Benevento) – ITALY
Tel./fax. 0824.851257

The Contract of Sale is made when the Seller sends an email to the Client to confirm the order. This email includes Client-related data, the price of the purchased goods, the delivery address to which the products are going to be sent.

The Client commits himself/herself to verify that the above personal data are correct and to promptly notify the Seller about any change required.

The Seller commits himself/herself to describe and show the items sold on the website in the best possible way.


For some products, the availability refers to the actual availability when the Client makes the order. This availability is a pure indication because, since several users might be logged on the website, products might be sold to other Clients before the order is confirmed.

Even after the email with the order confirmation has been sent by the Seller, partial or total lack of availability of goods might happen. In this case, the order is automatically revised by eliminating the product that is not available and the Client is immediately notified via email.

If the Client wants to cancel an order and rescind the contract, the Seller will reimburse the amount paid within 14 days starting from the day when Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. s.r.l. became aware of the Client’s decision to annul the contract.


Online purchases on www.liquorechromel.com can be made only with the methods of payment described in the website.


Prices are in Euro (€) and include VAT.

Shipping costs are indicated separately. Such costs shall be added to the total amount due, except from any exemption which might be offered in relation to the value of the order, and which shall be clearly stated. An additional fee for packaging might be required in case of bulky parcels or in case of significantly high value of the shipped goods. The amount of such fee varies on the basis of the product and, in any case, it is clearly displayed in the paper/electronic documents required to complete the order.

In the event of an IT, manual, technical error, or any other error that might cause a significant change of the selling price, e.g. a change which is not made by the Seller, or a change leading to an extortionate price or a ridiculously low price, the purchase order will be considered not valid and cancelled. The money paid by the Customer shall be reimbursed within 14 days from the day the purchase order was cancelled.


If the conditions envisaged by the Civil Code (art. 1469 bis, as amended), the Legislative Decree no. 24/2002, Legislative Decree no. 50/1992 apply, the Customer can withdraw from the contract according to the above-mentioned regulations and methods therein described. The Customer will have the right to be given back the amount paid, upon the condition that the goods, if already delivered, have been returned in their packaging, at the care, the expenses and the risk of the Purchaser.

Returned goods shall be demanded in advance by means of written communication to the Seller. Such returned goods shall be authorized by the Seller in written form. If returned goods are not authorized to be returned, the Client is obliged to pay the price, as well as storage costs.

If the escape clause is used, the Client is required to return goods within 14 days from receiving the goods.

Returned goods shall be returned to the following address:

Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. s.r.l.,
Via Falcone e Borsellino, 34/26
82027 Pontelandolfo  (Benevento), ITALY

Direct costs to return goods shall be paid by the Client. If the Client decides to return the goods under the escape clause using a private courier selected by the Client himself/herself, the Client takes any responsibility for the transport, until the Seller receives the goods. If returned goods are damaged during transportation, the Seller shall notify the Client within 5 working days after receiving the goods at the warehouse. In this way, the Client will have the opportunity to timely notify the courier he/she selected. In this case, returned goods will be at the disposal of the Client to be returned, and the withdrawal request will be cancelled.

Returned goods shall be returned intact, in their original packaging, with all its parts (including packaging and any additional documents and equipment), together with the tax-related documents. Without prejudice to the right to check the above, the Seller will reimburse the amount of the goods covered by the escape clause within maximum 15 working days, once it has been checked that the products remained intact.

The Seller will reimburse the Client via bank transfer and, if the Client wants to use the escape clause, the Client will have to provide the Seller with his/her bank details: IBAN, SWIFT and BIC codes required to make such reimbursement.

However, the right to use the escape clause requires that the following conditions are met:

–        the right  refers to the product purchased in its totality;
–        the right does not apply to customized or tailored products;
–        the purchased good shall be returned intact, and returned in the original packaging, including all its parts (including the packaging and any additional document or equipment). When the products arrive at the warehouse, products will be examined in order to check any damage or tampering that are not related to transportation. If the container and/or the original packaging are damaged, the escape clause decays, and the goods will stay at the Seller’s place at the availability of the Client, who will have to collect such goods at his/her own expenses.


In case of lack of conformity, Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. s.r.l. is responsible to restore such conformity, with no costs for the Client, by means of repairing or replacing the product.

The Client shall send a written communication to Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. s.r.l., with photo documentation, and shall report the defect of the product. Once the defect has been ascertained, Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. s.r.l. starts the procedure to restore the product or the faulty component.

The guarantee decays if defects are found to be caused by negligence or carelessness of the Client.

When products are delivered by the courier, please check that the number of items is equal to the number provided in the document and that packaging is intact. If a lower number or a damage is detected in the packages, please accept the goods CONDITIONALLY, and report the problem that has been detected in the courier’s packing list.


The Client shall send an email to the Seller within 5 workings days from receiving the goods; the Client will have to notify the Seller about damages or defects detected, as well as a copy of the packaging list with the complaint.


When the Client receives the order confirmation, the expected delivery date will also be notified. This date is a pure indication; therefore, the Seller will not be responsible of any damage caused by deliveries that are delivered beyond the reported date.

The Client will be contacted directly by the courier, if required, in order to arrange delivery day and time. Porterage is not included.

In case the Client makes several purchases with one single order, and such purchases are delivered at different times, the Seller will provide the expected delivery date for each purchase.

In case of failure to collect goods, the Client will be charged with the storage costs of undelivered goods at the courier’s warehouse.

Each order made through the website www.liquorechromel.com will be accompanied by an invoice issued by the Seller with the shipped goods. The invoice will include the information provided by the Client during the purchase procedure. Once invoice has been issued, data included in the invoice cannot be changed.


The Seller does not take any responsibility for poor service caused by force majeure or fortuitous events, and for dysfunctions or poor service of the Internet, leading to the failure to execute the order in accordance to the times defined in the contract.


The Client has the right to access the website to look at the product and the website and to purchase. No other use of the website is allowed, with specific reference to any commercial use of the website and its contents. The elements included in the website, both sound and visual elements, as well as the technology used belong to Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. s.r.l. and they are protected by intellectual property rights.


These General Terms of Sale are constituted by the totality of its clauses. If one or more provisions of these General Terms of Sale are considered null or declared such under the law, or further to a decision made by a Court, any other provision will continue to have full effect and force.


The Client declares and guarantees that s/he is of age and a consumer according to art. 3, Code of Consumption; the Client guarantees that data provided for the execution of the contract are true, correct and that they do not violate any third party’s right.

These General Terms of Sale are subject to Italian law. With reference to the settlement of civil and criminal disputes connected to this Contract of distance sale, if the Client is a consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is the one of the Court of reference of his/her municipality of reference. In any other case, the territorial jurisdiction is only the court of Benevento (Italy).


Personal data requested during order submission are collected and dealt with in order to meet the Client’s needs.

The Seller guarantees full compliance with regulations dealing with personal data processing, regulated by the Privacy Code, referred to in the Legislative Decree no. 163/2003.

Our cookies can be read only by our website, and do not include any sensitive information.

Cookies are only used to track the products placed in the cart, or to distinguish an anonymous client from a Client who logged on to the website.

The subjects to whom personal data are referred to have the right to have confirmation about the existence of such data at any time, and to know its content and origin, check whether such data are accurate and ask for any addition, update, change or deletion (art. 7 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).

Feel free to contact us for any additional information you might need:

Distilleria Filippo De Blasio e C. s.r.l.
Via Falcone e Borsellino, 34/26
82027 Pontelandolfo  (Benevento), Italy
Tel. +39 0824 851257